2020 has been a very strange year blighted by Corona Virus. When we were able to fish, we were greeted by the best runs of Salmon and Seatrout for many years.  Quite a few Anglers caught very respectable numbers of both Salmon and Seatrout.  One member commented that it looks as though the Camel is recovering from the problems caused by putting large numbers of Camel fish into Wainsford Hatchery.  The runs of fish seem to be returning to some sort of normality most importantly there seems to be a Winter run returning as there were Fresh fish caught right up to the end of the Season these fish should be Spawning in late December early January like they used to and should be.

Unfortunately, Corona Virus stopped us from doing planned bank maintenance we did however do a few work parties with extremely limited numbers as we did not want to mix with any strangers and risk infection I personally have been shielding since February.  On the few occasions I did venture out on the riverbank I was dismayed to find fallen trees blocking footpaths ETC it is very sad that Members cannot even be bothered to report this to the Head Warden

Although they are only to happy to go to local Tackle Shops to moan and groan about the state of the river when asked if they would attend a Work party, they look at the floor or the door to escape.  The very few of us that do the work [4 of us] have now taken the stance that if people cannot be bothered to report problems and turn out on work parties we are not going to!

Unfortunately there will not be an AGM this year unless Corona Virus subsides we may hold an AGM later in the year if its deemed safe to do so there are issues we need to address the Association is running at a loss the Subscription has not changed for many years £40 would members agree to raising it to say £50 also we may have to drop some of the water we rent can Members contact us to indicate which beats we need to retain and the ones we could lose I have obtained some funding for the sanctuary Water rents so we don’t need to consider them for the next 3 years we need to cut our losses as we need to retain a healthy bank balance.

John has to all intents and purposes resigned from the role of Secretary.  He has managed to do this role with the very valuable help and support from Lisa Please don’t bury your head in the sand this is going to happen as I am unwilling to start all over again with a new Secretary I will be resigning at the same time that John relinquishes the Secretaries role I am afraid we have both become demoralised by the total apathy shown by Members John and myself with the able assistance of Lisa have run this Association for the last 4 years single handed this has worn very thin so that really is the end of an era.

All the best for the future Tight lines for 2021.


Secretary’s Report

2020 season, unfortunately we have not been able to carry out any footpath maintenance works or any other form of work on the river this year due to the corona virus, where we had to follow the government guidelines, social distancing and groups of people meeting.

This is still a problem at this moment for us to organise and hold our AGM in February 2021, we hope to hold an AGM later in the year, which we will keep you updated on that.

The fishing season started a bit later as we were in lockdown and restricted with what we could do.

But thanks to Angling Trust working with the government the fishing restrictions were lifted.

Salmon and Seatrout started entering the main river at the end of May in small numbers, Mid-June we had a few days with heavy rain showers not enough to raise the height of the river, but it put a bit of colour in the water which encouraged the fish to arrive in good numbers right up until the end of the season. Which myself and other members have seen on several occasions when fishing on the river.

Those of you who I have bumped into whilst fishing has told me that you have had a good season catching fish on various methods, fly or spin etc.

I am also awarding an honorary membership to our chairman Christopher Janes. For all the work that he has organised and done on both the Camel and Fowey, over the past thirty years. A lot of the work would never have happened, especially gravel cleaning. But thanks to Chris spending countless hours dealing with the correct authorities, we have managed to carry out these works. 

I am also awarding an honorary membership to Stuart Fulwood. Stuart has probably attended every working party that has been organised on the Camel and the Fowey at Restormel, over the past twenty years

I thank these gentlemen for the countless hours that they have spent improving the habitat and fishing for the members of both the river Camel and Fowey. 

2021 will be the last season that Lisa and myself will be carrying out the role of secretary and membership secretary that will be 4 years, that we have filled the positions, we both feel now it is time for someone else to take on these roles.

To whoever fills these roles, we will be happy to assist you in any way we can.

The club is set up differently now and is run remarkably simplyas it should be.

We would like to say a big thank you to Chris and Graham and the Committee for all their help and support during our time as secretary’s.

Tight Lines Stay safe.

John and Lisa


Held at the SWEB club Bodmin on Friday 28th February 2020

The chairman Mr C Janes welcomed everyone to the meeting.


Apologies were received from Lady Molsworth St Aubyn, Trevor Hill, Stan Spry, John Lawrey, Richard Grieevies, Rodger Bouttel ,Gary Marshal, David White.


The minutes of the previous AGM held at the Bodmin SWEB club on Friday 22nd February 2019 had been distributed to the members within the annual newsletter. It was proposed by Mr R Winn and seconded by Mr S Fulwood that the minutes were a true record of the meeting and this was carried unanimously.

                                    MATERS ARISING

There were no maters arising.


There was no correspondence.


The Chairman said that the footpath maintenance work parties were very poorly attended from members and that more members need to attend the organised work parties if they want to keep the river and habitat in good order.

He also mentioned that the CFA is being resurrected and that Bodmin Anglers Association were in the early stages of changing the club over to an LTD company. 

He also said that the committee had decide to extend the keeping of a seatrout until the end of September only on the river camel .


The Hon Secretary thanked everyone for attending this evening.

He informed everyone that we have retained all the fishing for the 2020 season. He also thanked the officers and the committee for all their help and support.

He also mentioned that he had received telephone calls from landowners saying that gates are being left open by anglers and this was encouraging members of the public to access private land freely and leave litter etc lying around. His reply to the meeting was to make sure you fasten gates behind you and you don’t drop any litter and that he had no more to say as he covered most topics in the newsletter.


The Treasurer reported that the Club was still in a healthy state financially, but income was down by around £2000.00 due to membership loss. He also mentioned that there was no need to raise the subscriptions and that anyone was welcome to look at the accounts.



It was proposed by Mr D Runnalls and seconded by Mr S Fulwood that we re-appointed J+M Thomas as auditors and this was carried unanimously.


No representative


No representative


It was proposed by Mr O Rowe and seconded by Mr D Odgers that lady Molseworth St Aubyn to carry on as president this was carried unanimously.

It was proposed by Mr D Runnalls and seconded by Mr P Jagothat Mr C Janes to carry on the position of chairman this was carried unanimously.

It was proposed by Mr B Moore and seconded by Mr O Rowe that Mr S Fulwood to carry on the position of vice chairman this was carried unanimously

It was proposed by Mr J Hake and seconded by Mr D Runnallsthat Mr J Rossiter carries on the position of secretary this was carried unanimously.

It was proposed by Mr R Winn and seconded by Mr M White that Mrs L Rossiter carries on the position of membership secretary this was carried unanimously.

It was proposed by Mr D Runnalls and seconded by Mr O Rowe that Mr G Toms carries on the position of treasurer this was carried unanimously.

It was proposed by Mr O Rowe and seconded by Mr A Coomberthat Mr R Lashbrook would fill one of the positions as a committee member this was carried unanimously.

It was proposed by Mr R Lashbrook and seconded by Mr P Jagothat Mr D Beadle would fill one of the positions as a committee member this was carried unanimously.

It was proposed by Mr D Odgers and seconded by Mr S Fulwood that Mr M Smith would fill one of the positions as a committee member this was carried unanimously

It was proposed by Mr D Inch and seconded by Mr A Comber that Mr B Hodge and Mr T Hill both carries on the positions as committee members.


Mr O Rowe mentioned that it was brought up at the wadebridgeclub AGM the problem with dogs and their owners roaming around on the riverbank.

His reply from the secretary was that unfortunately we have always had this problem and we always will be due to the camel trail used for exercising dogs and people.

Mr D Beadle ask the question of how many salmon were caught on B.A.A waters in 2019 season. The secretary replied that it was to early in the year for catch and return numbers but there have been good numbers of fish seen throughout the season.

Mr D Odgers asked the question about how many seatrout were caught, his reply from the secretary was the same as above.

Mr R Winn mentioned that he saw two spent fish in the Delankriver at the end of the season.




The raffle was run by Mr D Odgers and Mr R Winn it was drawn and made £126 for the club’s funds.


Mr R Winn assisted by Mr D Odgers conducted the auction which raised £54 for the club’s funds.

There being no other business the meeting closed at 21.09 hrs.





CUSTOM BUILT ROD’S and rod repairs

Fly bait boat and beachcasters


Waders clothing boots

Garden machinery repairs

Chainsaw sharpening

Small engine repairs e.t.c.


Above stan may’s store

Higher bore street bodmin pl311jw

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All Fields * Must be completed.  On receipt of this completed form and enclosed cheque payable to Bodmin Anglers Association and a STAMPED ADDRESSED ENVELOPE you will receive a Permit by post

By signing this form you will agree to abide by Bodmin Anglers Associations rules and enter the Clubs land and rights controlled by the Association entirely at your own risk. River banks are slippery and uneven be sure you are wearing appropriate footwear with adequate grip.

Please tick the appropriate box

   Full adult Membership please send a cheque for £40.00 to.

   Concessionary Membership [over 65 please send a cheque for £30.00 and your date 

  of birth.                                   to.            

   Juniors under 12 free [must be accompanied by an adult or member] 

   Full time Students 16 to 18 £20 to.

  IF paying by BACS sortcode: 30-98-98 ACC no: 01813691


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